Christmas Bytes Festival

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Digital fun and games for all the family

19-23 and 27-30 December 2015, every afternoon, 12 noon to 5pm

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All for the price of normal Museum Entrance Fees.


  • See and play with robots
  • Build & program your own robot
  • See NAO robots in action!

Coding and building computer-controlled devices

  • FUZE workshop introductions to coding
  • Arduino workshops and display to inspire you to create and build your own devices - you need to Register for this HERE
  • Scratch demos - controlling external devices like LEGO We-Do
  • try out Ocado Rapid Router

Virtual Realty and wearable tech

  • the latest in VR: Oculus Rift combined with a LEAP controller
  • Google Glass
  • convert your smartphone into a cut-down Oculus Rift!

Animation workshops

  • Use LEGO and animation software to enable you to create your own short animations.


  • Create and mix music - digitally


  • Friends of Enigma - crypto machines

and lots more

See What's On Day-by-Day

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