Crack the Coding Curriculum workshop

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Join us for Crack the Coding Curriculum, a free workshop for teachers run by Fuze at The National Museum of Computing on 16 October 2014 from 16:30 to 19:30.

The workshop, designed to be part of Europe Code Week, is for any teacher wanting to:

  • make the new computing curriculum entertaining, exciting and fun for your pupils, even though you may not be an experienced programmer yourself
  • discover how engaging and real-world programming can be for your students.

The workshop will include a demonstration from FUZE Technologies and the opportunity to try for yourself the programming language FUZE BASIC, an expanded and modernised version of classic BASIC. The FUZE and FUZE BASIC are used in many schools enabling teachers to teach text based programming from KS2. FUZE BASIC is an incredibly easy language to learn (and teach!). It is an expanded, modernised version of BASIC, bridging the gap perfectly between visual tools like Scratch and more complex languages like Python.

Throughout the week, TNMOC will also be hosting demonstrations and activities.

Crack the Coding Curriculum Free Tickets

Europe Code Week runs from 11-17 October 2014. It is a project of the Young Advisors Group at the European Commission.

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