EDSAC Lecture in London

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Andrew Herbert is giving a guest public lecture at UCL this Thursday (8th) on the merits and authenticity issues of the reconstruction of EDSAC.

All are welcome, places are free, but you will need to register for a place

We've just heard that general public places are now sold out. But if you would like to hear about a possible follow-up event, please email info@tnmoc.org

Andrew says: "The talk at UCL on Thursday evening will be about the value of restored and reconstructed computers in understanding our computing heritage. I'll be comparing and contrasting the value of working restorations/reconstructions versus conserving non-working machines using EDSAC as an example.

"The discussion generalises out to other "engineering objects" such as aeroplanes, steam engines, and so on. I'll be picking up on the tension between the "conservers" and the "restorers" and also the tendency in many UK public museums to mostly present engineering artefacts as supporting some social narrative rather than for their technical significance."

More details of the EDSAC Project progress

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