An Evening with Colossus - Phil Hayes

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Colossus, but were afraid to ask ...

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Thursday 20 July 2017


The Colossus and Tunny Galleries in Block H

The National Museum of Computing

Tickets £15 (£12.50 for members)


Colossus Rebuild Chief Engineer Phil Hayes will guide you through the workings of the first electronic computer that was used to crack Hitler's most secret messages.

  • The Lorenz - what is it and how it works
  • Lorenz message transmission and interception
  • The first break - Col John Tiltman
  • Unravelling the architecture of Lorenz - Bill Tutte and "the greatest intellectual feat of World War II"
  • How some Lorenz messages were broken by hand in the Testery
  • Tommy Flowers and constructing Colossus
  • Bill Tutte's Double Delta statistical attack on the Lorenz cipher and what Colossus actually did
  • Tony Sale and rebuilding Colossus
  • Emerging research on other secret code-breaking machines at BP.

The evening will finish with a glass of wine and demonstrations of Tunny, Heath Robinson (currently being reconstructed) and Colossus.

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