Free entry for online bookers 10, 12, 13 September

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To celebrate National Heritage Open Days, TNMOC is offering free entry tickets to the first 80 people to register online for each day: Thursday 10, Saturday 12, & Sunday 13 September 2015.

In just seven decades, computers have developed so quickly that a very real and different heritage already exists with early computers being almost incomparable to those of today. Come and see this living heritage with working machines from every decade since the 1940s. You'll even be able to get hands-on with lots of vintage machines. Truly A National Treasure!

All you have to do is book a timeslot here to see one of the world's finest collections of working vintage computers.

See the Rebuild of 1940's code-breaking Colossus, the ongoing reconstruction of 1949 EDSAC, and the restoration of the world's oldest original working computer, the 1951 WITCH.

Then travel past the mainframes of the 1970s and the desktops of the 1980s to experience Air Traffic Control simulation of the present day.

You can even have an introduction to coding!

See what's in store here.

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