Micro:bit marvels start half-term Bytes

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Mystified by your BBC Micro:bit? Come along to Bytes Festival starting Thursday to play with some Micro:bit apps and learn how to make them even better or even build your own. Suitable for all the family and teachers.

A selection of these will be on hands-on on the day:

Dr Who games cyberman challenge and dalek dodgems.

Catching Raindrops - a game for a rainy day.

Connect 4x4 the old favourite two-player game. It works out who has won and who has lost.

Code breaking activities make and break code with a Micro:bit. You can even broadcast them for somone to decose with the secret key.

Coincounter a simple money box, to add and remove coins and shake to see how much is in the jar.

Microbit-giraffe teleporting a giraffe from one microbit to another.

Mood badge press A for sad, B for happy, shake to show a tea-cup because you are thirsty.

Step counter Stick it to your shoes and measure your number of paces.

And on Thursday at 6pm:

Bill Thompson - Make It Digital: Challenges and Successes

Thursday 16 February at 6pm

With Make it Digital, the BBC set out to inspire its audiences to build their digital skills and understand more of the digital world that is changing their lives.

The public service broadcaster did this by doing what it does best – creating great TV, radio and digital content to inform, educate and entertain our audiences and using this to set people off on learning journeys.

In his talk, Bill Thompson will look at Weather Watchers, Doctor Who Game Maker, Make it Digital Trainees, and the BBC micro:bit, and discuss the challenges, success and next steps.


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