International Meeting of Slide Rule Collectors

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The largest meeting of slide rule collectors ever held will be hosted by the UK Slide Rule Circle (UKSRC) at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) and Bletchley Park on 21-22 September 2012.

Anyone interested in attending the event should contact

Delegates from nine countries will meet for the 18th International Meeting of Slide Rule Collectors (IM 2012) and have a chance to see TNMOC and Bletchley Park.

At TNMOC, the organisers, the UK Slide Rule Circle, sponsors a diverse display of slide rules, those calculating instruments that were used universally in aircraft design up until the 1970s, and were indispensable to the American space programme, and especially tax collectors. For over 350 years slide rules were the principal calculating tool until the introduction of the electronic calculator made them redundant virtually overnight.

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