Lighting the Torch

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An amazing tale of computer entrepreneurs in 1980's Britain

Russell Lyons, one of the founders of Torch Computers, and Martin Baines, Key Member of the Technical Team

At The National Museum of Computing

7pm on 10 March 2016

How three chartered accountants with a common background in the shipping industry caught the computing bug in the early 1980s and came together to build a British PC.

Russell Lyons and Martin Baines will talk about their entrepreneurial adventure in setting up Torch Computers to produce their own PC, the Torch Communicator, and then peripherals for the BBC Micro and how the dream ended with the company being broken up and sold off to foreign buyers.

They are delighted to find that the machines they designed and built are museum pieces.


Tickets for two more lectures soon to be released:
12 May: Robert Schifreen, in 1984 the UK's first hacker
9 June: Martin Campbell-Kelly on data processing in Victorian times.

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