Parallela: Supercomputing for Everyone

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Introducing the Parallela computer. An event at TNMOC on 21 July 2013 with a keynote presentation from Iann Barron, Inmos co-founder, and transputer and Elliott 803 designer.

Making parallel computing easy to use has been described as “a problem as hard as any that computer science has faced”. With such a big challenge ahead, the Parallella project aims to make sure as many people as possible have access to open parallel hardware and development tools.

In October 2012 the project succeeded in raising $898,921 in funding via Kickstarter, and is now set to ship 6,300 credit card-sized Parallella computers to backers over the coming months. The computer consumes just 5 watts and delivers a floating-point performance of up to 90 GFLOPS. It is an open source hardware design, has a dual-core ARM SoC that runs Linux, FPGA, and either a 16 or 64-core Epiphany floating-point accelerator that is supported by a GNU-based toolchain and fully open source OpenCL implementation.

This event will introduce the Parallella computer and Epiphany chip architectures, and the tools used to develop for the platform, with code examples being provided. As such it is likely to be of interest to Kickstarter backers and those who are considering buying a Parallella computer once they are generally available, along with those with a general interest in parallel computing.

We are excited to announce that Iann Barron, Inmos co-founder, and transputer and Elliot 803 designer, will be giving the keynote presentation.

For more information and to register please visit the event page.

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