Re-imagining the PDP-8

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Relive the excitement of the 1960s PDP-8. Oscar Vermeulen presents his PiDP-8/I, a modern open-source replica of the world's first commercially successful mini-computer. It's powered by a Raspberry Pi! Thursday 18 January 2018 at 6.30pm.


The PDP-8 was a 12-bit minicomputer produced by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and became so successful that it sold more than 50,000 machines. Its fanbase extends across the globe and continues today.

Oscar Vermuelen set out to create a faithful but low-cost replica of the 1968 PDP-8/I. Operated through the Blinkenlights front panel, he wanted it to evoke the user experience from the past for PDP-8 fans new and old.

His PiDP-8/I replicates all stages in the PDP-8’s development -- not a trivial task because the PDP-8 series spanned a long period in computer history: from 1965 to 1979 and from teletype & paper tape all the way through to hard discs and multi-user systems.

Made as a kit, the PiDP-8/I is an open-source hardware project, so schematics, design files & software are available for anyone to emulate.

Come along and see the PiDP-8/I in action and hear how Oscar Vermeulen achieved his aim.

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