Retro Computer Games Long Weekend til Wednesday

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Retro Computer Games Long Weekend

Saturday 13 – Wednesday 17 August 2016

12 noon to 5pm

Tickets available on the door - Just the usual entry fee!

There will be fun for all the family at TMNOC's spectacular Retro Computer Games Long Weekend as part of the Summer Bytes Festival.

Mums and dads -- remember those 1980's and 1990's games -- show your kids the excitement you had with retro games.

Teens (and younger) -- see what fascinated your parents and see if you can beat them at their own games!


  • Atari game consoles
  • Pong
  • Doom
  • Commodore Amigas
  • Spectrums
  • BBC Micros
  • and lots more in store.

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