The Return of the Raspberry Jam

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It's back! The Milton Keynes Raspberry Jam returns and will be at The National Museum of Computing. From 10am on 15 July 2017.

Raspberry Jams are social events held all over the world where people who are interested in Raspberry Pi come together to share their knowledge and learn new things as well as meeting other Pi fans.

The event is an informal, social show-and-tell. Made something cool? Come and show it to us all; share your knowledge and experience. Previously we've shown robots, musical gadgets, virtual reality and Pi-operated Enigma machines.

Nothing to show? Don't know a Raspberry Pi from a Strawberry Crumpet? No matter, this event is for you to learn about these remarkable computers and to eliminate any technofear you may have. Want to learn to code? Work with kids and need some support? Come along.

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