Sci-Fi film festival

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Come along to a family-friendly day of classic Sci-Fi films at Bletchley Park on Saturday 8 November 2014.

There will be moon buggies, a crashed spaceship site and Sci-Fi soundscapes. With a programme of 14 films, at various locations across the Park, exploring science fiction war narratives, totalitarian dystopias and the fear of the power of science, Station X’s star attraction is the historic backdrop of the world-class heritage site.


The Station X film programme includes:

  • a special pre-release Q&A preview of MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT with director Tom Green
  • THE SEARCH FOR SIMON (2013) with a Q&A with director Martin Gooch. British comedy at its best, with a golden cast
  • SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets THE X FILES in a tale of family, close encounters and belief
  • A GRAND DAY OUT (1989)
  • a live score presentation by musicians John Sweeney and Jeff Davenport for COSMIC VOYAGE, a rare Russian classic from 1935 which sees the first humans – including a young boy - embarking on a trip to the moon
  • Hammer Films, X THE UNKNOWN (1956)
  • 1984 (1954)
  • Val Guest's THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE (1961) newly restored by the BFI National Archive
  • H.G. Wells adaptation THINGS TO COME (1936)
  • Stanley Kubrick’s anti-war satire, DR. STRANGELOVE or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
  • the 50th anniversary, Cold War paranoia, INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS (1956)
  • the sound version of HIGH TREASON (1929)
  • plus exclusive extracts, trailers and a programme of archive shorts curated by SCI-FI-LONDON
  • and a surprise screening on saturday night - details nearer the time.

Tickets are on sale through Eventbrite. Prices start from £12 for concessions after 4pm, up to £28 for a full day/evening adult ticket (which includes a year long passport to Bletchley Park). All tickets also include entrance to The National Museum of Computing, home of Colossus and the WITCH. Under 12s go free.

The Festival is run independently of TNMOC and is presented by the Cambridge Film Trust with support from the British Film Institute.

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