Valve Workshop Returns

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Come to The National Museum of Computing and learn about thermionic valve technology on 21 April 2018!

If you have a basic knowledge of electronics and can read an electronic circuit diagram then we will show you how electronics started for its first 50 years. Find out about valve history, how to handle and test valves and how valves are used in Amplifiers, Radios and Computers.

You will also be given a guided tour of TNMoC's historic working valve computers Colossus, The WITCH & the EDSAC Rebuild Project. A choice of four different valve project kits will be available for purchase, additionally a small group of 10 guests will be able to stay for the second day and build one of these kits themselves under expert supervision - but this is strictly on a first come first served basis!

If you do wish to stay for the sunday then please be aware that a cost of £75.00 plus the cost of your selected project will be required.

Book now for a chance to be part of this fantastic and exclusive event.


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