A very special Christmas venue at TNMOC

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Still looking for a pre-Christmas lunch or evening meal venue for your company or group? There's a gem of venue at The National Museum of Computing.

You can mix your lunch or evening meal with a lot of fun -- even reliving Christmases past by playing games on 1980's computers.

Finger buffets are the most popular choice since our guests usually like to get their hands on the keyboards (finger wipes are on hand!).

There are all the facilities you would expect: data projector, sound, flipchart, our new speed WiFi -- all at at no extra charge.

And there are lots of facilities you mightn't expect: a tour of the world's rarest computers, hands-on with everything from 1950's WITCH's Dekatrons, 1960s punched paper tape creators, desktops of the 1970s and 1980s, touchscreens of today and one of the biggest touchtables in the world. And for Christmas shoppers there's even the TNMOC shop with exclusive merchandise.

We are happy to talk to you about your preferences and make sure you get the best festive deal in a unique historic location -- at a great value price.

Contact Andrew Spencer email andrew.spencer@tnmoc.org or call 01908 374708

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