Week of Code returns for 2018!

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It’s back! The week-long coding event for keen young programmers and developers (aged 12-19) returns to TNMOC.

Join a Join a Week of Code 23rd - 27th July 2018
daily 10am to 5pm

This is an amazing opportunity for young people to get together in a room and work together on coding a project of their own choosing for a week, supported by experienced mentors.

What happens?

Young coders make up teams and each team decides on a project to build during the week - then builds it! There are mentors on hand to help with planning or help to guide the team through unsticking any sticky bits, but for the most part it’s the young people’s own work. On the Friday afternoon it's Demo Day, where each team presents their project to the other teams and to an audience of invited parents and staff from the museum.

What sort of projects do people do?

Last year our teams conceived, designed and built MonsterKiller, an awesome browser-based game in JavaScript, and Pi-Jukebox, a Raspberry-Pi-Powered jukebox controlled through a web interface. Projects can cover a wide gamut from web applications written in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, to Python and Unity games, to Android and iOS apps. Any sort of coding is welcome. Usually teams do well when they have a mix of skills, including graphics, sound and other non-coding talents!

Who’s it for?

Young coders and aspiring digital designers aged 12-19 who are eager to spend a whole week coding with others! Ability is not a factor; good basic computer skills, a basic understanding of some form of coding, a desire to learn and work hard for the week to produce a great project is all that’s required. Oh, and you MUST HAVE your own laptop :)

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