Weekend Codability

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Free Weekend Codability sessions will take place every weekend until 30 August 2015. The sessions are suitable for anyone up to the age of 16, and both girls and boys are encouraged to take part.

Weekend Codability will introduce young people to programming computers. They will learn how to give instructions to computers, change existing instructions in programs and create their own programs. All this will happen among the restored and reconstructed historic machines now in Block H, the first purpose-built computer centre which housed the wartime Colossus computers, the world's first electronic computers.

Codability Guides, a team of young people specifically recruited for the duration of the eight month programme, will give visitors lessons on a range of devices from the ever-popular 1980s BBC Micro, to Raspberry Pi and other platforms. A variety of modern laptops and tablets will be available to ensure young people can continue developing their skills through web apps such as Rapid Router and other popular entry-level coding resources. Young coders will also be given information leaflets to enable them to continue developing their skills afterwards at home, school or at a coding club.

Flexible sessions will last for up to an hour and are at no extra charge for any young person accompanied by an adult. There is no need to sign up, young people simply need to turn up on any weekend afternoon with an adult and ask for Weekend Codability.

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The project is sponsored by Ocado Technology, the division behind Ocado.com, the world's largest online-only grocery retailer. The sponsorship is part of Code for Life, Ocado Technology’s nationwide initiative to inspire the next generation of computer scientists, equipping pupils with the skills they need to revolutionise industries of tomorrow.

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