Week 3 at Summer Bytes

Summer Bytes Week Three 9-15 August 2014.
* create your own special effects!
* know your codes & ciphers
* computer music.
Coming soon: games weekend.

Week 2 at Summer Bytes

Summer Bytes Week Two 2-9 August 2014.
* creating special effects!
* see some great special effects from Blake's 7 on Saturday
* know your codes & ciphers
* Technology Will Save Us workshops.

Summer Bytes - Week 1 means it's LEGO!

Summer Bytes Week 1 26 July - 3 August 2014 focuses on LEGO.
* build robots with LEGO EV3
* See the LEGO robot solve the Rubik's Cube
* plus a special LEGO competition and lots of other hands-on activities.

Summer Bytes starts this weekend!

The six-week long Summer Bytes Festival boots up on Saturday 26 July with a LEGO extravaganza. Build robots, enter a competition and see the amazing LEGO robot solve the Rubik's Cube! And lots more digital fun too! The Festival runs until 2 September.

Fred Harris & David Allen of BBC Micro Live - Q&A

Remember the ground-breaking 1980's computer literacy BBC television TV series? Come and meet Micro Live presenter Fred Harris and the series producer David Allen in a lively Q&A on Sunday 29 June 2014.

Summer Bytes

Get ready for Summer Bytes! Saturday 26 July 2014 until Tuesday 2 September 2014 with new extended opening times. Fun for all the family with games, competitions and lots of hands-on activities.

Destination MK Members' Event

Destination MK Members' Event at TNMOC
on Thursday 8 May 2014.

Easter Bytes Festival

Special activities for all the family every afternoon 10-21 April 2014. From computerised LEGO EV3 Mindstorms to Easter Egg Hunts -- virtual and real -- to a sand table robot and virtual reality headset and lots more.

Lecture: The technology of visual effects on TV

Mat Irvine on Cause and Effect: The technology of visual effects on TV.
Evening lecture on Thursday 27 March 2014 by long-time special effects designer and director for the BBC Visual Effects Department.
Tickets now on sale.

TNMOC Winter Lectures

The next lecture by Sophie Wilson on The Future of Microprocessors on 13 February 2014 is a sell-out, but sign up to be alerted to future lectures. There is a waiting list for the Sophie Wilson Lecture.


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