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Keep the Bombe on Bletchley Park Estate - Crowdfunder

TNMOC launches a Crowdfunder to keep the reconstructed Bombe on the Bletchley Park Estate. The original Turing-Welchman Bombes were used to decipher enemy Enigma messages during World War II.

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Grand Digital won by a nine-year old

A race of computers spanning eight decades was won by a BBC micro:bit operated and programmed by a nine-year old student.

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The Commodore Story - transatlantic screening event

See The Commodore Story film as part of a trans-Atlantic screening with the Computer History Museum in California plus a live Q&A with the film director. At TNMOC on 23 February 2018 starting at 6pm. Tickets now on sale. Not to be missed!

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EDSAC - Reflecting on a Vision

An update video on the reconstruction EDSAC, the early computer that transformed university research and led to the world's first business computer. Evocative footage from 1940s and of the action today.

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