Key British computer innovator to speak at Britain’s first VCF

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One of the leading innovators of British microchip and computing technology will be a special guest at Britain’s first Vintage Computer Festival to be held at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park on 19-20 June 2010.

Sophie Wilson, co-designer of the BBC micro – the machine that introduced computing to a generation – and developer of the RISC/ARM processor – the chip at the heart of over 90% of mobile phones – will talk about her time and experiences at Acorn, when British brains led the world in the microcomputer revolution.

“We are thrilled to have Sophie Wilson as a key speaker at this first British Vintage Computing Festival,” said Simon Hewitt, VCF Programme Co-ordinator at TNMOC. “Anyone whose first computing experience was on a BBC B, and anyone who uses a mobile phone will be familiar with her work. This is a rare opportunity to hear her speak.”

Hewitt continued: “The list of exhibitors, speakers and special guests is growing rapidly and we have some excellent surprises in store. Tickets, costing only £10, will be going on sale in April and we will be releasing more news as speakers and exhibitions are confirmed.”

Already other confirmed speakers include Christine Finn, print and broadcast journalist, and author of ‘Artifacts: an archaeologist's year in Silicon Valley’, ZX Spectrum expert and former games developer Chris Smith, and Karl Pantling-James from the Retro Computer Museum. TNMOC’s own system restoration experts including Tony Sale, leader of the Colossus rebuild project, and Tony Frazer, project manager of the Harwell/WITCH computer restoration, will also be in the line-up.

One of the largest exhibitors will be Acorn World which will also be there in force with a display including Acorn micros through the ages, BBC games, a fully working Domesday system, new and retro software and even a Beeb repair centre where visitors can bring faulty BBC Micros in hope and expectation of a quick fix.

Retro-gamers will be in their element at the Retro Computer Museum with an eclectic display of hands-on systems, consoles and a special gaming competition. Other exhibitors include Amiga and Atari user groups, the SpectraNet project, the Sundown Demoparty team, and the MK Amateur Radio Society.

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