Aerohive provides wi-fi access at TNMOC

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Controller-less AP’s provide visitors and staff with Wi-Fi access

The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) at Bletchley Park has deployed Aerohive Networks’ wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure to enhance the visitor experience at the museum. The WLAN enables visitors to access the internet through personal Wi-Fi devices as they navigate around the museum and, in the future, it is planned that it will support location-based services such as virtual tour guides. Staff and volunteers will also benefit from secure access to management and information services throughout the museum’s facilities.

Aerohive’s integrated firewall functionality will also enable the WLAN to be separated into ‘visitor’ and ‘staff’ access, with services such as the new TNMOC Wiki server bridging both networks by sitting in a ‘de-militarised’ zone.

Barney Duffy, at TNMOC, was in charge of the deployment. He explains: “Our network specialists realised that a controller-based architecture could not provide the performance, reliability and scalability required to build a next generation 802.11 network to support the museum’s current and future needs. We needed a highly resilient MESH topology, which was simply not possible using a wireless network designed with legacy controller methodology. The controller-less Aerohive system, however, meets our needs brilliantly and we are extremely grateful for their donation.”

Aerohive's cooperative control HiveAPs require no network controllers or overlay networks. Instead, software in the HiveAPs enables them to self-organise into groups called Hives. The result is a secure multi-service WLAN infrastructure able to support a vast array of wireless devices, application types and service levels, with faster client performance, wire-like resilience and lower capital and operational costs.

Gareth Green, VP Sales and Field Operations, at Aerohive said: “In a museum featuring some of the world’s ground-breaking computing inventions, it’s important to ensure the visitor experience exploits the latest and greatest technologies. Equally, the infrastructure must support TNMOC’s long-term IT ambitions. Aerohive’s architecture represents the next generation of wireless infrastructure and will enable the museum to support new guest services as technology evolves, and easily scale to provide greater capacity or bandwidth accordingly. We’re delighted to provide TNMOC with its wireless network.”

Duffy, at TNMOC, concludes: “We believe that Aerohive’s WLAN technology gives us the most advanced Wi-Fi network of any museum in the UK. It was used during our recent highly successful Vintage Computing Festival to really good effect enabling museum volunteers, visitors and exhibitors to access the Internet both inside and outside the museum buildings using their personal Wi-Fi devices.”

About Aerohive Networks,

Aerohive unleashes the potential of enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling customers to stop buying copper, to move applications to the air, and to maximize workforce productivity. The company’s award-winning cooperative control architecture eliminates costly controllers, saving money and providing unprecedented resiliency, up to 10X better application performance, and an opportunity to start small and expand without limitations. Aerohive was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. The company’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Northern Light Venture Capital. For more information, please visit or call +44 1428 712093.

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