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A very hectic day today (Sat) for all the volunteers with work done on the PC gallery, some nice interactive white boards, Sun Servers, another 803 fault and some more box moving.

The new PC gallery construction is almost complete and several of us spent a few hours in the morning with the Gallery fitters sorting out the cabling and lighting. It was the first time we had all seen the dais (centre area where the hands on PCs will go) and almost everyone who saw it today said "Isn't it big!". It looked a lot smaller on the diagrams and on the webcam so it was a pleasant surprise. We had 2 carpet fitters in to give us quotes for the Gallery area which we hope to have completed by next weekend. The data cabling was started and should be completed by Monday when the Gallery fitters will be back in to finish off the lighting, wiring and barriers. We are all very excited about how this is going to look, and hope to start laying out the display kit next weekend.

We had 2 large interactive whiteboards donated which arrived during the week. Tony F, Jo and Pete H spend the afternoon fitting it in our meeting room. The other will be used for a new display which is in planning (more info when we can release it!).

We also installed a Sun server which we are trialling. It will be used to drive 6 displays in the new PC gallery; 2 for normal presentations and 4 as 'hands on' systems which we hope to run numerous versions of Operating Systems like DOS, WIN3.1, CP/M, Mac OS and variations of Unix which visitors can try out for themselves.

John W spent most of the day fault finding on the Elliott 803. The 'dropped bit' fault has returned so a more detailed investigation is being carried out but is so far proving difficult to find. The 10V supply was seen to be low which might be a clue. Investigations will continue next week.

We had some good feedback from the IRIS publicity this week (the Air Traffic Control system) and have now been in contact with one of the project managers for the RARE playback unit, and we hope to get some of the missing documentation and manuals for it as a result.

We have been offered some 'wheeled' shelving for the Archive room which is expected in the next few weeks. As a result, our Archivist has spent many weeks boxing up all the archive material. We finally managed to clear out our research office ready to move in our ICL microfiche archive cabinets next weekend.

Mathew C Applegate (Pixelh8), the chip tune musician was in the news again this week. He is proving very popular with his new music 'Obsolete?' created from sounds made by many of the old systems at the museum, including Colossus!

The Park was very busy today and so was the museum which is good to see.

Our regular pub meeting brought up some interesting ideas for new displays which I'm sure will be announced in due course.

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