Two new trustees at TNMOC

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Two people who have made substantial and sustained contributions to the modern-day development of Bletchley Park have become trustees of The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC).

Margaret Sale is a long-time supporter of The National Museum of Computing and, with her late husband Tony Sale, helped start the campaign to save Bletchley Park in the early 1990s.

Tim Reynolds is founder and Chair of Bletchley Park Capital Partners, an organisation which manages the Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre.

Andy Clark, Chair of Trustees at TNMOC, said: “We are delighted to welcome two people with outstanding track records in the development of the diverse elements of today’s Bletchley Park.

“Margaret Sale’s work is truly inspirational and incredibly effective. Often working behind the scenes, she has facilitated on so many levels the campaign for a lasting memorial to the men and women who worked at Bletchley Park during World War II. Her input to the development of TNMOC has already been profound.”

“Tim Reynolds has a marvellous reputation as an innovator, business fundraiser and technology entrepreneur. He has already been instrumental in attracting funding to the Museum, and his business experience will be a tremendous asset to the team of trustees.”

Margaret Sale said, “I am honoured to become a Trustee of The National Museum of Computing and look forward to the responsibility as it will bring me closer to the realisation of one of Tony’s dreams – a world-class museum of computing on the historic site of Bletchley Park.”

Tim Reynolds said, “I have been watching with huge interest the development of The National Museum of Computing on the Bletchley Park site and have been astonished at how much has been achieved with so little funding. Already the museum is world-class and its prospects are amazing.”

New exhibits are regularly unveiled at TNMOC and several new major new displays including a completely refurbished Colossus Gallery are in the planning stages.

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