Capt Jerry Roberts MBE Memorial Service

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A Memorial Service for the remarkable Testery code-breaker Capt Jerry Roberts MBE is to be held at St Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, London, on Wednesday 4 June 2014 at 11am.

Capt Roberts' family says: "anyone who wishes to pay their last tribute to Jerry is welcome".

Here are some exclusive short 1-3 minute videos of Capt Roberts recalling his code-breaking work. Capt Roberts gave generously of his time to do this for TNMOC in November 2011. We are exceedingly glad and proud to have this record of such a remarkable man telling this incredible story.

TNMOC's tribute to Capt Roberts is here.


How the first Tunny message was broken (apologies for wrong photo of Major Tiltman)

Bill Tutte discovers how the Lorenz machine worked

The Tunny machine

Techniques to break Tunny

The Testery and the Newmanry

What happened to decrypted messages

The importance of Tunny

Tribute to Flowers, Tutte and Turing

Did Alan Turing help break Tunny? plus Reliability of the code-breaking machines

And Capt Roberts' last public statement for the Colossus at 70 celebrations at TNMOC (starts at 4 mins 17sec)

Videos by Phil Fothergill of TVUK.

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