The Imitation Archive Premiere

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Matt Parker's The Imitation Archive, recorded at TNMOC, has been premiered on ABC Australia.

Listen to it here

The Imitation Archive, a musical composition using the world’s earliest computers as instruments, has been created by award-winning sound artist and composer Matt Parker at The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) on Bletchley Park. The work includes HD recordings of the rebuild of Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, the Harwell Dekatron (WITCH), the oldest original working digital computer, 1970’s mainframes, desktops from the 1980s, and even calculators from pre-computing times. The archive, the first of its kind, represents the phenomenal progress of computing over the past 70 years and is lodged in the British Library as well as TNMOC.

Parker has now remixed these recordings to produce an extraordinary musical composition, giving centre stage to many of the famous machines through a series of movements that reveal the UK’s rich history in computing.

Says ABC Australia: "The work explores the 'always on' durational nature of many of the machines from their operational heyday. The clunking masses of early relay-based machines are juxtaposed by the whirring monoliths of the 1980s mainframe era and the high frequency whine of modern day server rack units."

More about The Imitation Archive.

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