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BBC Radio 5Live launched its Make It Digital Ones To Watch initiative in the Colossus Gallery at TNMOC yesterday with TNMOC trustee Kevin Murrell and three coding wizards from Founders & Coders who were fascinated by that huge first electronic computer.

5Live's eight-week series we will feature different digital disciplines from gaming and dating to artificial intelligence and national security and presenter Michael Rundle from WIRED will be reporting on digital innovation and creativity for 5Live’s Afternoon Edition. Nominations for Ones To Watch will be accepted from 17 September 2015 and the judging panel will include Maggie Philbin, CEO of TeenTech and former Tomorrow’s World presenter; Emma Mulqueeny, founder and CEO of Rewired State; Phil Smith, CEO of Cisco and Chair of the Tech Partnership; and BBC Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones.

Yesterday, the launch began with TNMOC co-founder Kevin Murrell explaining the significance of Tommy Flowers' Colossus and how much coding has changed since the time that really only the builders of computers could use them. And just around the corner from Colossus is the ongoing reconstruction of EDSAC, the general purpose computer that many say marks the beginning of the profession of computer coding.

Three guests from Founders and Coders came to meet Colossus for the first time and to explain how coding had changed their lives.

Izaak Sofer, a founder of Founders and Coders, is a mentor and teacher on their courses. His view of the qualities of a good coder? Enjoy discussing ideas and hard work!

Nikihila Ravi completed her Founders and Coders course in May and is now working on a start-up with them She thinks anyone can learn to code: her 77 year old grandmother is on the Javascript Code Academy course and, six years after learning to use a computer, sees a whole new world of learning opening up to her.

Besart Hoxhaj helps teach at Founders and Coders having come to coding after waiting on tables! Coding has changed his life, he says, and he loves the challengeof solving problems.

You can hear all the interviews online for a while (restrictions apply) here starts at 6 about 2 hours 43 mins in.

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