The Colossus Rebuild

The story of the rebuild of the world's first electronic computer

Colossus, the world's first electronic computer, was kept secret for more than 30 years. In 1975, the first information emerged thanks to the researches of Prof Brian Randell (he tells the story on You Tube).

In 1993, Tony Sale, inspired by Prof Randell's findings embarked on the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding Colossus. The Colossus Rebuild Project was completed by Tony Sale's team in 2008 and has become a benchmark for computer conservation, a memorial to the late Tony Sale and of course a tribute to those remarkable men and women who worked in Bletchley Park during World War II.

Before his death in 2011, Tony Sale outlined the remarkable story of the rebuilding of Colossus.

To honour the late Tony Sale and his work, the CCS manages the Tony Sale Award for achievements in computer conservation.

The Rebuild of Colossus Mark II, standing where the original Colossus number 9 once operated, can now be seen in a new Colossus Gallery open to the public at TNMOC every day.

Anyone can contribute to help complete the Gallery in a variety of ways: