EDSAC Project Organisation


The EDSAC Replica Project is a UK registered charity number 1145823. Its trustees are Andy Hopper and Peter Robinson (appointed by the University of Cambridge), David Hartley and Kevin Murrell (appointed by the BCS, Chartered Institute for IT) and Hermann Hauser and Andrew Herbert (appointed by the Hauser-Raspe Foundation).

The project is affiliated to the UK Computer Conservation Society (CCS).

Project Management

In October 2011, Dr Andrew Herbert was appointed Project Manager. Andrew had just retired as Chairman of Microsoft Research for Europe, Middle-East and Asia. He has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, and worked with Maurice Wilkes on the Cambridge CAP Computer in the 1970s.

Sponsors And Supporters

While he was Chairman of the Computer Conservation Society (CCS) in 2010, David Hartley suggested marking the significance of the early computer development done at Cambridge University by creating a working replica of EDSAC. This followed the success of the Manchester `Baby' rebuild project at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

David gained support for this project from Hermann Hauser, who later provided initial project funding through the Hauser-Raspe Foundation. Additional funding was provided by Google and a number of private individuals.

We would also like to acknowledge the following companies for their cooperation and assistance.

The EDSAC Replica Project Team

The EDSAC reconstruction is being built entirely by volunteers, apart from some specialist work such as sheet metalwork which is being done semi-commercially.

The project's technical leader is Chris Burton who lead the team that built the replica of the Manchester 'Baby' machine.

The initial meeting of volunteers was held in March 2012, although substantial research work, to locate archive material and establish the feasibility of the project, had already been carried out by some key members of the CCS.

The Initial Meeting of the EDSAC Volunteers