EDSAC remembered

As news of the reconstruction of EDSAC gets around, some people familiar with the original machine are getting in touch to tell us of their memories.

If you have any memories of EDSAC, please email info@tnmoc.org

October 2015
J Bruce Forsyth (Cavendish Crystallographer 1955 - 61) writes: One of the most valuable rituals for users of EDSAC were the T(est)-times when program writers, on reaching the head of the queue, could submit their latest program paper tape and have it run...
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December 2014
Ralph E Ireland was delighted to learn recently that EDSAC is in the process of being reconstructed. He writes: In 1956, having recently completed my National Service in the Royal Air Force, and not yet 20, I was sent by my company (then the English Electric Company) to Cambridge for a two-week programming course on EDSAC I ...
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