EDSAC in the news

ITV Grantchester

EDSAC element features in ITV's Grantchester mystery about an early computer lab.

Stargazing with EDSAC

Programming in the early days of the computer age in BBC News

EDSAC Veterans' memories

The Edshack Workshop

  • Volunteers aid pioneering Edsac computer rebuild in BBC News Online
  • British Engineers Are Rebuilding a Forgotten 1940s Computer in Their Toolsheds in Popular Mechanics
  • Vrijwilligers bouwen replica oudste algemene universiteitscomputer Edsac in Dutch Tweakers
  • Britanci prave repliku kompjutera Edsac in Russia's Beta
  • Cambridge Network
  • Integrating EDSAC in iProgrammer
  • Computer rebuild starts to tick in Odd Onion

Cambridge TV visits Nigel Bennee

Video of an interview in an EDSAC's volunteer's workshop in Cambridge from the new Cambridge TV company.

EDSAC's Inner Workings

EDSAC The Inner Workings in iProgrammer

EDSAC home workshop in the home of the computer

EDSAC Report

Andrew Herbert gives an update and overview of the EDSAC Project in April 2015 on Niche Videos

Original EDSAC chassis turns up in USA

  • BBC News Online Lost chunk of pioneering Edsac computer found
  • The Register Parts for Brit proto-mainframe EDSAC show up in USA , Botched bookshelf bound for Bletchley after beating scrap merchants
  • Youngzine for younger readers
  • CNET Rare part for groundbreaking 1949 British computer found in US
  • Cambridge News Parts of one of the world’s first computer could be hidden in Cambridge
  • MK News Very rare part of one of the world's oldest computers is coming to Milton Keynes
  • MK CitiBlog Rare part of one of the world’s first computers donated to TNMOC
  • E&T Magazine Lost part of UK’s pioneering computer found
  • The Engineer Rare, Historic Computer Parts Become Part of Milestone Computer Reconstruction
  • Gizmag Historic EDSAC computer component becomes part of reconstruction
  • The Inquirer Rare Edsac post-WWII computer part surfaces in the US
  • iProgrammer EDSAC Chassis Rediscovered
  • Computer Business Review Historic Edsac Computer Part Found After 60 Years
  • BizTech Mojo Lost Part of Pioneering 1940s EDSAC Computer Found in USA
  • Market Business News Original part of one of the world’s first computers resurfaces in the USA
  • Phys.org Chassis 1A part from early computer resurfaces
  • Perfect Science Rare parts of a 1949 British computer found in US
  • The Times of India Rare original part of EDSAC, one of world’s first computers resurfaces
  • Business Standard Lost chunk of pioneering UK computer found in America
  • ABC News Australia Blast From the Past: Part Belonging to One of World's First Computers Found
  • DR in Denmark Forskere finder sjælden del af ældgammel computer
  • Golem in Germany Seltenes Bauteil in den USA gefunden
  • Ruangpojok in Indonesia SAC computer Almost Ended So Bookshelf (says Google Translate!)

2014/15 Radio interview update

An update interview with Andrew Herbert in the winter of 2014/15: