EDSAC in the news

Hermann Hauser opens the EDSAC display and it is switched on

And overseas

EDSAC at the Movies

Did you notice parts of the EDSAC reconstruction as Christopher in Turing's bedroom in the The Imitation Game?

The One Show

Leo, ICL, IBM -- oh and a glimpse of the EDSAC reconstruction on The One Show on BBC on 13 October 2014. Starts at 11 mins 10 sec in. (It will be online for about one month.)

When Orac met EDSAC at Summer Bytes

When Orac met EDSAC in TotalMK and AboutMyArea

EDSAC - the musical connection

Life with a geek dad

Gavin Clarke of The Register talks to Anthony Wilkes and Dr David Hartley about family and work life with Sir Maurice Wilkes whose centenary was celebrated by the EDSAC Replica Project at TNMOC last month.

EDSAC milestone for Wilkes' Centenary

Plans to recreate EDSAC

Welcomed by BBC News Online: Pioneering computer to be rebuilt
plus Computer Weekly, ZDNet, The Register, Silicon.com and many many more.

The return of EDSAC

The news that the EDSAC Replica Project has moved from research to development stage has been widely greeted in the media:

There was also coverage in: