EDSAC Project Videos

Obeying Orders

EDSAC's Computer memory - delay lines

Commissioning - technical discussions

EDSAC's VDU screens

Joining the Dots

Snagging: ironing out the circuit bugs.

Trustees review progress and look at the educational prospects for EDSAC.

The opening of the EDSAC Gallery (better quality video to be available in due course).

Commissioning preparations for the opening of the EDSAC display

A tour of EDSAC as commissioning of the reconstruction begins

Rediscovered EDSAC circuit diagrams give the team something to think about!

Two volunteers talk about their work on the EDSAC reconstruction

Getting ready to begin reconstruction of EDSAC in new TNMOC Gallery

One-third of the way through and on target -- meeting at the University of Cambridge.

What store for the EDSAC reconstruction? Peter Linington explains.

Clocking in the Digital Age: Wilkes Centenary and first working parts of EDSAC reconstruction

Production gets underway

The Origins of the EDSAC Replica Project - Meet the trustees

An EDSAC Chassis

About Mercury Delay Lines

The EDSAC Project first volunteers' meeting

The EDSAC re-creation - Project overview