ICL 2966

The Museum's largest computer, the huge ICL 2966 from around 1985/7, is coming back to life. It's a mainframe and occupies almost a third of the floor space in the large systems gallery -- and there wasn't even room for all of it!

Manufactured by the once huge British computer giant ICL, famous for its contracts with the UK public sector in the late twentieth century, TNMOC's ICL 2966 dates from 1985/87. It occupies 20 large cabinets, and was used up by the construction company Tarmac until 1997. It was then decommissioned because it was expected to fail as a result of the ‘Millennium Bug’.

The long and difficult process of restoring the system to full working order is now well under way. We are lucky to have help and advice from the ICL/Fujitsu engineer who maintained the system during its working life at TARMAC and actually decommissioned it.