Exploring the skies


Sunday 11 August, 1pm to 5pm


Exploring the skies in broad daylight


test An event to show how astronomy has advanced in the digital age simply by the use of modern computer technology.

Displays will show how easy it is to get into astronomy nowadays using computer kit you probably already have. All equipment will be linked to computers both to show how the equipment is controlled and guided, and also for displaying and storing the resulting image or data.

Talks will run throughout the afternoon describing in more detail the equipment and techniques used. Because visual work is limited during daylight, all talks will include images showing what can be done at night with amateur equipment.


  1. Radio telescopes monitoring the Perseid meteor shower, with sound and visual output via computer
  2. Radio telescopes monitoring Jupiter emissions and Solar outbursts
  3. Solar telescopes for visual observing using Hydrogen-alpha and Calcium bands
  4. Daytime Lunar observing using computers
  5. Daytime observation of Venus, Jupiter (and Saturn after 3pm) via CCD or DSLR


  1. BAA RAG - Paul Hyde (Coordinator of the Radio Astronomy Group of the British Astronomical Association)
  2. BAA RAG - Paul Hyde
  3. Sheridan Williams and Howard Brown-Greaves
  4. and 5. John Savage and Dave Cheeseman on behalf of the Milton Keynes Astronomy Club

1.15pm-1.45pm Radio astronomy - beginners
1.55pm-2.25pm Solar observing – description of equipment in use and on display
2.35pm-3.05pm Planetary (Jupiter and Saturn) observing – description of equipment in use and on display
3.15pm-3.45pm Radio astronomy - advanced
3.55pm-4.25pm Lunar observing – description of equipment in use and on display
4.30pm -5.00pm Imaging techniques – How to combine and enhance images using free software

test This event has been kindly organised by Sheridan Williams, one of our own volunteers here at The National Museum of Computing.

Sheridan Williams FRAS,
is the Computing Section Director of the British Astronomical Association and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. His specialisation is introducing astronomy to beginners.


Entrance to The National Museum of Computing includes viewing and interacting with the Exploring the skies in broad daylight exhibits and activities.
Admission charges information (£5 maximum price).


No booking required for the Exploring the skies in broad daylight event.

If you are coming only to TNMOC, there is no need to pay the Bletchley Park Trust entrance fee (the Bletchley Park Trust is a separate organisation). Please come to the Bletchley Park main gate and indicate to the gate staff that your intention is to visit TNMoC only and you will be directed to the Museum in Block H.

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