Computerised trainset

Come and see a demo of the first fully computerised train set, the Hornby RailMaster at TNMOC during Summer Bytes Festival. Everyone who has seen it has been wowed by it!

Hornby Railmaster

There's no need for clunky transformers -- this computerised train set can be fully operated through software optimised for mouse and touchscreen use, via a laptop or iPad.

The software includes full automation of train movement with signal and point management, uncouplers and shunting operations through the use of rail programs whilst providing comprehensive options to control all locomotives and other actions manually.

Hornby have incorporated intelligent integrated speakers throughout the train set, located within the locomotive and also at the station allowing for typical railway sounds to be generated at the appropriate points within the train set including station announcements, horns, lights and even squeaking breaks!

The demonstration train set is on display throughout the Summer Bytes Festival at The National Museum of Computing.