Game Creation Lab


Friday 30 Aug 1.00pm - 5.00pm


Game Creation Lab


Come along to the BBC Micro room for an afternoon of game creation. We will have laptops set up running GameMaker and Twine. You can come all afternoon or pop in for half an hour to have a go at making two-dimensional sprite based games or text adventures. There will be help and guidance from volunteers throughout the afternoon.

In our Meeting room we will also have some past consoles and arcade machines to remember and play.


Entrance to The National Museum of Computing includes viewing and interacting with the Game Creation Lab exhibits and activities.
Admission charges information (£5 maximum price).


No booking required for the Game Creation Lab event.

If you are coming only to TNMOC, there is no need to pay the Bletchley Park Trust entrance fee (the Bletchley Park Trust is a separate organisation). Please come to the Bletchley Park main gate and indicate to the gate staff that your intention is to visit TNMoC only and you will be directed to the Museum in Block H.

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