Games Sunday


Sunday 1 Sep 2013 1.00pm - 5.00pm


Games Sunday


Games to play throughout the ages - can we get a game running on a computer from every decade since the 1950s?? Are you up for the challenge for finding them?

1:00pm – Games Lab open to the public Come along for an afternoon of game creation. We will have laptops set up running GameMaker and Twine. You can come all afternoon or pop in for half an hour to have a go at making two-dimensional sprite based games or text adventures. There will be help and guidance from volunteers throughout the afternoon.

1:30pm - WITCH demo of the game + game running throughout the day, (subject to our 1951 WITCH being operational of course)

1:30 – Gareth from Playdemic – how to get into the games industry

3:00pm – Indie game developers panel including Q&A
Speakers are: Jason Austin, Byron Atkinson-Jones, Steve Clark

Bios for Jason Austin and Byron Atkinson-Jones

Byron is a highly experienced developer who has worked on most platforms, from desktop to consoles to mobile and web. Byron amassed his vast experience working for companies like EA, SEGA Sports Interactive, Lionhead Studios, and notable indies Introversion and PomPom. Most recently, he went full-time indie to work on his first multi-platform titles, Cyberstream Fugitive and So hungry. You can follow Byron on twitter as @xiotex and find out more at

Jas Austin has been developing video games for around 30 years, working primarily as a designer and coder. His career started started back in the bedroom coder days of the early 80's working with one of the first UK game companies, Automata. He went on to make many Sinclair Spectrum games including Pi-in'ere, Nemesis the Warlock, Slaine, Altered Beast, and the classic platform shooter, Rex.

By now the games industry was starting to grow and Jas joined an upcoming company called BITS Studios where he worked on many titles on various platforms. High points include the film licenses Alien 3 and Terminator 2. Plus the award winning Gameboy R-Type.

Jas currently works with a small group other talented industry veterans at an indie company, Origin8 developing and publishing great games for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. As an avid game player as well as developer, you can find him on twitter as @IamXERO chatting about making and playing video games.


Entrance to The National Museum of Computing includes viewing and interacting with the Games Sunday exhibits and activities.
Admission charges information (£5 maximum price).


No booking required for the Games Sunday event.

If you are coming only to TNMOC, there is no need to pay the Bletchley Park Trust entrance fee (the Bletchley Park Trust is a separate organisation). Please come to the Bletchley Park main gate and indicate to the gate staff that your intention is to visit TNMoC only and you will be directed to the Museum in Block H.

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