Donate Equipment

We welcome donations of equipment, software, documentation and tools to add to our collection and will give proper consideration to all donations offered. As storage is a big problem for us, we have to be very selective in what we can accept now so please do not be offended if we cannot accept some or all of your donation. All we ask is to have the opportunity to consider a donation, so please do get in touch if you think you have something that we would be interested in.

If you have a donation please contact us via the donations email address with details of your donation, its condition, and where possible pictures. For older items some history about it/them would also be helpful. We will then consider your donation and confirm what items we are able to accept. Due to the volume of donations we receive it may take a while to reply and a further 2 or 3 weeks before a decision can be made.

We are unable to deal with donations by phone so please do not ring our main contact number about a possible donation. Also any donations brought to the Museum or sent to us that we have not previously agreed to take will not be accepted. Please contact us via email as detailed above.

Details of the items we are currently looking for, and those we are not interested in can be found below. While this is quite an extensive list, please only use it as a guide; we will always consider other donations that are not listed.

Donated items

When we accept donated items into the collection, it will be under two possible categories:

  • Heritage: Items that are rare, unique or require special attention and care will be accessioned to our special Heritage collection. These items may be put on display but will not normally be usable by the public, restored to working order or used as spares to keep other systems working.
  • Interactive: Items that are not rare or where we hold a number of similar items, will be accessioned to the Interactive handling collection. These items will be available to be used by visitors to the museum, put on display, used in exhibitions or for spares to keep existing systems operational.


The Archive has both wanted and surplus items of magazines and publications.

General Items

  • Marconi high speed recorders (Undulators) and spares!
  • Maintenance Manuals for Powers Samas 40-column punch card equipment
  • Anything to do with Analogue Computing
  • High Speed Relays - for our Heath Robinson Rebuild Project & WITCH computer (details on request)
  • Educational / Creative software - for 8 / 16 bit micros
  • Analogue colour TVs - portable 6, 8, 10 or 12 inch for computers / games consoles
  • Ephemera, software and documentation related to significant domestic computer / electronic products and programmes
  • Books and computer related magazines from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s including system manuals Note: current storage limitations mean we cannot accept large collections of books or magazines at the moment but smaller / single items should be OK
  • If you are an author or publisher of a computer related book, a donated copy for our library would be gladly received.

Small systems

While we already have a large collection of the 80s/90s home computer systems we are still looking for very good working examples of the following:

  • Games consoles
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Sinclair - Especially excellent condition examples of working 48k or 128k ZX Spectrums and mint-condition ZX80 or ZX81
  • Amstrad
  • Acorn (see separate list below)
  • Pre-1980 British computers (including self-build kits)
  • INMOS Transputer boards, development systems, evaluation systems, TRAM modules & software - we will accept any offered in any condition.
  • Calculators and PDAs
  • RML / Research Machines PCs. laptops, notebooks, tablets and docking stations
  • Psion / Symbian based systems

Larger systems

We are looking for hardware / components / software / manuals / brochures / pictures / memorabilia for:

  • DEC / PDP systems: Early PDPs like 8, 10, 12, 15 but not VAX or PDP11 or Workstations
  • ICL 1900 / 2900 series
  • ICL System 10 or System 25, especially SYSTEM 10/25 VDU Terminal M82 or M85
  • ICL 9500 Point of Sale terminal
  • Singer/ICL 1501 mini desktop computer
  • Cambridge University EDSAC I/II - See the EDSAC rebuild project pages for specific details
  • Leo Computers (J. Lyons & Co) LEO I/II/III - we are especially interested in items from the original LEO
  • English Electric KDF 9
  • IBM 360/370/7040/7090
  • IBM 1130
  • IBM peripherals: 1134 & 1055 paper tape reader / punch, 1626/1627 plotter (Calcomp 565), 2315 removable disk packs
  • IBM SLT (Solid Logic Technology) logic cards used on 1130 and 360 systems
  • Elliott 500 series (503), 800 series (802/803), 900 series (903/905/920), 1000 series, 4100 series (4120/4130)
  • GEC systems
  • Cray systems
  • HP 1000 / 3000 series
  • ICT 1301

Valves, valve related systems and components

We are setting up a store of valves and discrete components to help maintain our current systems, and for use by future restoration / rebuild projects. We are looking for the following:

  • Any valves of any vintage except those used in TV receivers. Where you cannot determine if the valve is Audio or TV we will accept them all.
  • Large or unusual valves
  • Valve holders.
  • Capacitors, resistors and other passive components from the 1940s/50s/60s.
  • Processor, DRAM/SRAM ram and other chips from the 70s, 80s and 90s
  • RCA AR88D / AR88LF communications receiver spares

Acorn systems

Due to the quantity of BBC / Acorn equipment we have, items will generally be accepted for spares except where they are models or versions we do not already have.


  • BBC model A and Acorn Atoms
  • BBC Bs which are unusual (e.g. USA / European models) and any with internal ROMs fitted.
  • Anything related to ECONET (firmware / software / hardware)
  • BBC B add-ons like second processors / teletext adapters
  • BBC ARM Evaluation System second processors (we have one prototype, a production variant would be good)
  • Electron peripheral add-ons like 'Plus 3'
  • Any Turtles and their associated BBC Bs / Masters + any software
  • Acorn Risc iX UNIX workstations (anything labelled in the R instead of A number range e.g. R410, R420 etc).
  • Kinetic RiscPCs
  • Acorn A3010, A4000 and a couple of A7000+s and A4s
  • Archimedes A305, A410, A420 and A440s
  • A310s, A540s and A5000s in very good condition
  • Acorn communicator (cased or stand-a-lone)
  • BBC Masters: 64K/128K especially any used for Domesday
  • Domesday optical disks and players (Philips VP-415 LV-ROM)
  • Acorn ABC, A500, NewsPAD, CoNCcorde/FastNC, Stork or similar unusual items
  • Any Acorn related memorabilia
  • BBC software: looking for boxed floppy version of ELITE and some of the other games.
  • Microvitec CUB monitors (ideally in working condition but will consider good condition dead ones)
  • Any Acorn PHOEBE hardware and information

Not needed

  • Other RiscPCs, such as RiscPC 600/700s and StrongARM RiscPCs
  • Electron peripheral add-on Plus ls
  • Electrons
  • We do not need A3000s or A3020s without a special reason

Consumables / media

The following items are used on systems within the Museum and are becoming hard to obtain or are now out of production

  • 80 column punched cards (unused)
  • 40 column punched cards (used on Power Samas equipment)
  • 3 inch floppy disc media (as used on early Amstrad PCW computers) - Note we do not need any of the more common 3 1/2 inch floppy media
  • 21MB, 3 1/2 inch Floptical disc media, used or new
  • 5 1/4 inch floppy disc media, unused sealed / boxed
  • 8 inch floppy disk media, unused sealed / boxed
  • Cleaning kits, solutions for 3, 3 1/2, 5 1/4, 8 inch floppy disk drives, 1/4 inch cartridge tape drives, reel to reel tape drives etc.
  • Printer paper (boxed) line printer / listing paper - 80 column and 132 column, plain or green lined, perforated / continuous, pin feed
  • 5 hole paper tape (unused)
  • 8 hole paper tape (unused)
  • 3/8 inch wide paper tape for recording Morse code on an Undulator
  • 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 1 inch magnetic tape reels (note: we are after data quality tape and not that used for audio recordings)
  • IBM 2315 disk packs used on IBM 1130/1800
  • EDS 80 and EDS 200 disk packs, including alignment packs as used on ICL 2966 and some DEC systems

Networking related equipment

We are looking for historic items for our networking collection and more recent equipment for our museum infrastructure

  • Thick Ethernet cable (10base2), connectors and switches
  • Cat 5e and 6 UTP cable including short patch cables and boxes for long runs
  • Fibre cable (50/125) and ST (mini BNC) connectors and in-line connectors
  • Fibre patch panels
  • Cat 5e / Cat 6 patch panels
  • Gigabit network switches, managed or unmanaged for Cat5/6 and Fibre

Tools and test equipment

We are looking for specialist tools / equipment to maintain our systems

  • EDS 80 / 200 disk drives
  • Selectric typewriters / printers
  • Creed teleprinters (pre-war and wartime)
  • IBM CE (Customer Engineering) tool kits - for computer system and peripheral maintenance
  • Serial / Network diagnostic tools
  • Fibre test equipment
  • Any tools for the Large Systems listed above
  • Digital storage scope
  • Audio Frequency Signal Generator / Function Generator
  • Scope probes (any)

Software for older systems

We are also looking for software to run on the older systems we have working / on display in the Museum.

The systems we are particularly interested in are: Elliott 803, 903, ICL 1900/2900, ICL System 25, IBM 1130, WITCH / Harwell Dekatron Computer, ICT 1301 but welcome software for others. The programs can be on paper tape, punched cards, tape, disc or even a printed listing. Why not come along with your software and see it running again!

We would especially welcome software for older Research Machines systems like 380Z / 480Z

  • Any system software; Compilers, Assemblers, engineer test programs, demonstration programs
  • Any user written software, especially if it can produce output to printers, plotters etc. and thus be good for demonstrating the systems capabilities


We are looking for information about the following:

  • Unusual programming languages such as MIRFAC
  • Old MoD computers such as COSMOS and AMOS
  • MOSAIC which was a direct descendant of Pilot ACE built by GPO for RRE.
  • Description of the Culham GHOST graphics library for KDF9.

This list will be updated fairly regularly so please check back often. Last updated Jan 2014