Legacy Donations

Leaving a gift to charity in your will is a very special way of helping the The National Museum of Computing.

If you leave The National Museum of Computing, a registered charity, a bequest in your will, the amount will be exempt from inheritance tax and this could reduce or even eliminate tax which might otherwise be payable out of your estate. We would suggest however that it is always advisable to have your will made by a solicitor who will be able to give you all the legal and tax advice you require.

The three main types of gift are:

Residuary bequest
This is the balance of your estate after tax (if any), expenses and other types of legacies have been paid. You can leave the whole, or a share of the residue to The National Museum of Computing.

Pecuniary legacy
This is an exact sum (eg £1000)

Specific bequest
This is a gift of personal possessions such as property, jewellery, car etc.

With the passage of time, pecuniary (cash) legacies will lose value because of inflation and you may wish therefore to review your will every few years. Alternatively, you can index-link your cash gifts to family, friends, and charities, or divide your whole estate into shares or percentages, so that each of your beneficiaries will gain if the value of your estate increases between the time of making your will and your death.

How to word your bequest
It is very important that wills are written accurately and it may be helpful to you and your solicitor to know how to phrase a bequest in favour of the The National Museum of Computing.

You should ask your solicitor to ensure the following are included in your bequest:

  • Our name - The National Museum of Computing
  • Our address - Block H, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB, UK
  • Our charity registration number - 1109874
  • You should also include the phrase 'I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or any other proper officer shall be sufficient discharge therefore'.

The National Museum of Computing is a UK registered charity, No. 1109874.