Trusts and Foundations

As a registered charity, The National Museum of Computing welcomes funds from charitable Trusts and Foundations. To date, such funding has helped support major projects like the Colossus Rebuild and in developing the museum's educational remit.

At present we are particularly interested in funding for the following projects which may be of particular interest to trusts and foundations:

  • creating interpretative materials to enhance the learning of all visitors
  • expanding The National Museum of Computing's increasingly popular educational programme
  • refurbishing the BBC Classroom to allow larger school groups to experience hands on coding on BBC Micros
  • developing a world-class lecture programme about the past and present of computing

For further details on any of these areas of work or to find out how your trust and foundation can support The National Museum of Computing, please email Jacqui Garrad or telephone +44 (0)1908 372727.