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Vintage Games Weekend

Fun for all the family at the TNMOC Vintage Games Weekend 30 April and 1 May 2016. Come along for a bit of nostalgia, a new retro experience or for the competition: Atari, Pong, Commidore Amiga, Spectrums and the original DOOM!

The royal hacker + Victorian data processing + Behind Enigma + Colossus

Four talks coming up at TNMOC: Robert Schifreen on how he hacked Prince Philip's mailbox in 1985, Martin Campbell-Kelly on the roots of data processing; Paul Kellar on Breaking Enigma - Behind the Scenes; and An Eveniong with Colossus. Tickets now available.

Bytes Workshops - FUZE, Minecraft & LEGO

FUZE coding and electronics workshop perfect for beginners young or older. Learn how to build, craft and problem solve to survive in Minecraft. A race to the finish. Build and programme your own fully functioning Lego Mindstorms Robot