Pop-up Exhibition / Temporary Exhibition Space

The pop-up Exhibition space is where short term displays will be shown covering all aspects of computing. Details of the current display and proposed future displays can be found here.

Current Display - Open University 50th Anniversary display


The pop-up exhibition about the early days of computing at the Open University is now open. Curation was led by Roger Moore (left) and the gallery was opened on Friday, 27th September 2019 by Prof John Haughton (of OU and Observer fame - right).

As pioneers in distance learning education, before personal computers were the norm and the internet became commonplace, the OU developed several innovative methods to enable its students to study on computers in their own homes. The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to see six of these machines It also presents an OU timeline, a video about the OU’s early computing and micro-electronics courses and an array of historic photographs of the OU’s computing since its foundation in 1969.

The exhibition will run until December 31, 2019

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Future Displays

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July to December 2020 - Title of exhibit

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Please note: The dates and exhibitions may be subject to change.