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Summer Bytes Festival

Every afternoon from 1-30 August 2015, there will be fun for all the family with lots of pop-up events amongst the wonders of computing past, present and future. From secret ciphers to robots and games ...

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Fifty Years of Computing

The video of Andrew Herbert's lecture about 50 years of computing to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Wolfson College, Cambridge University. Andrew is leader of the EDSAC project at TNMOC.

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Summer Bytes Festival Video

Every afternoon from 1-30 August 2015, TNMOC will buzz with the Summer Bytes Festival. There will be creative digital fun for all the family. Here's a short video made by Mark Thompson of some of the excitement last year.

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Robinson - the key flaw found?

The Robinson, the predecessor of Colossus, never really worked satisfactorily in speeding up the breaking of Hitler's most secret cypher. The Robinson reconstruction team may have a clue as to why.

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