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Colossus decrypts to be revealed after 75 years

75 years ago Colossus attacked a Lorenz message for the first time. Decrypts of the intercepted intelligence have been discovered and are being analysed by researchers for a special display in May.

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Book of the month: Programming Program for BESM

Programming Program for the BESM Computer: the results of one of the first experiments to develop a programming programme for electronic computers in USSR Academy of Sciences.

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Volunteer Recruitment Day

Thinking about your New Year resolution? What about volunteering at one of the world's top computing museums? Put Saturday 23rd February in your diary...

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Authenticity v Reliability

EDSAC Video Update: as the roof work continues, work doesn't stop, it carries on in team members' heads. EDSAC has been seen to run on its own, so what are the challenges remaining - quite a few!

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