Learning is at the heart of our museum. We offer activities for a wide range of visitors including Families, home education groups, special interest groups and life long learning. More information about our activities and can be found on this website.

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Schools and Colleges

The National Museum of Computing covers key aspects of computing, computer science, information technology and games technology. We cover subject areas including:

  • the birth of modern computing during the second world war
  • the development of second-generation machines for education, science and industry
  • mainframes
  • personal computers and innovation.

As well as gaining a sound historical and contextual grounding in the subject, students will have the opportunity see working machines in action*, use our vintage BBC Micros to code a computer game and try a Turing Test for artificial intelligence. Our visits our designed to support the National Curriculum and schemes of work for GCSEs and ‘A’ levels.

Our hands-on interactive school visit Computability is differentiated to the needs of your learners by level. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page for an information sheet.

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New visit - coming soon "Enigma and the Bombe – Science of the Cipher”

Universities Several experts within the team can talk to undergraduates and postgraduate students in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering. Please contact the Learning Manager to discuss your requirements.

Academics and researchers Students or researchers wishing to access our archives or library should contact Operations, stating clearly your line of research and preference for access times. Access to the Museum’s library and archive is restricted to students aged 18 or over and is by prior arrangement.

*As our computers are historic exhibits we can not guarantee that a particular machine will be working on the day of your visit.

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