We are keen to develop our collection, exhibits, knowledge and skills as a learning opportunity for local, regional and national communities.


Computability is the tag we give to all our learning opportunities here at The National Museum of Computing based at Bletchley Park. Young or old, a casual visitor or joining us as part of a group visit, an academic or techie fan, you can always learn something new from the past, have fun and be inspired!

If you are one of our many casual visitors and you have a question about what you see, then please feel free to ask one of our volunteers. Alternatively, email us your question and we will do our best to answer it for you.

Students or researchers wishing to access our archives or library should contact Operations, stating clearly your line of research and preference for access times.

Groups of young people from universities, colleges and schools wishing to visit us from Monday to Friday are most welcome. We suggest you plan your visit carefully to ensure you get the most from our Museum. These pages of our website are intended to help you with your planning.