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Colossus decrypts to be revealed after 75 years

75 years ago Colossus attacked a Lorenz message for the first time. Decrypts of the intercepted intelligence have been discovered and are being analysed by researchers for a special display in May.

Museum volunteer helps win Emmy in his day job

Delwyn Holroyd, a volunteer at The National Museum of Computing, is celebrating an Emmy award for the company he co-founded and of which he is now Technical Director.

Colossus tools of the trade

Seventy-five years after the first Colossus was under construction, the original tools and tool bag of an engineer are on display alongside the working rebuild of Colossus.

TNMOC Girls’ STEM day

‘I didn’t realise I could do that!’ More than 80 school girls explored and developed their problem-solving skills at the latest Girls’ STEM Day. Two more STEM day specials are already being organised for next year.

Tony Sale Award 2018: Three generations of flight simulators

The Computer Conservation Society has awarded the 2018 Tony Sale Award to a Techworks! project in Binghamton, New York State, USA, to restore three generations of flight simulators.

Ensoft boosts learning opportunities at TNMOC

Ensoft, software developer for the Internet and large networks, has made its second major donation to TNMOC to assist in its work in inspiring young people to aspire to careers in computing.

‘Job Up!’ Bombe finds Enigma key again

In a live link-up with Poland, the reconstructed Turing-Welchman Bombe successfully finds the key to break an Enigma-encrypted message again. Tribute paid to pioneering Polish cryptographers.

The Bombe Challenge

In a live video link-up with Poland on 21 September 2018, the reconstructed Turing-Welchman Bombe will try to find the key of the day and break Enigma messages just as it did during the Second World War.

Summer Bytes 2018

Summer Bytes family fun starts on Wednesday 1 August and runs Tuesdays to Sundays throughout the holiday month. Sponsored by Ensoft, Bytes are the go-to event for youngsters seeking creative fun.

1980s computing as it happened

The BBC Computer Literacy Project Archive has gone live. Clips of the ground-breaking, educational and entertaining 1980s archive can now be searched and viewed at TNMOC.


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