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Lost Dead WITCH portrait rediscovered

A rare portrait of an early computer has been rediscovered after a plea by its artist and The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), where the computer itself has been fully restored to working order.

Ada competition winners meet Colossus vets

Three winners of the Fascinating Ada Competition designed to inspire female students about careers in computing received their prizes at Oxford University and their entries have now been published online.

TNMOC becomes Fujitsu Education Ambassador

TNMOC is to become one of 20 new educational establishments in the Fujitsu Education Ambassador Programme. A Fujitsu Innovation Hub at TNMOC will support learning and skills development.

Top computing experts become trustees

Two computing experts with prestigious reputations in different fields of computing have become trustees of TNMOC: computer scientist Dr Andrew Herbert and computing historian Professor Martin Campbell-Kelly.

Edshack: a workshop time capsule

A home workshop in Reading is today playing a vital role in the reconstruction of EDSAC, the Cambridge University machine that 65 years ago led the world’s computing revolution.

Sending the elevator back down

An event was held at the House of Lords in support of the activities of TNMOC and Cyber Security Challenge UK to encourage more females into the cyber industry.

TNMOC to deploy Impero classroom monitoring software

Students and teachers on the Learning Programme TNMOC will soon be able to have first-hand experience of digital network monitoring software donated by Impero Software.

Fujitsu becomes a Foundation Sponsor

Fujitsu has become a TNMOC Foundation Sponsor. The move reflects the pioneering role that Fujitsu’s predecessor companies in the UK, such as ICL, played in the early days of the UK computer industry.

Beeb Fix It Day Success

A crack volunteer repair team descended upon TNMOC last weekend to restore 1980’s BBC Micro-computers, very popular machines used in the Museum’s Learning Programme.

In search of the Portrait of a Dead WITCH

The huge painting Portrait of a Dead WITCH by John Yeadon may not be in the world’s top ten list of missing works of art, but it is one that is now eagerly sought by The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park.


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