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Rail programming

The updating of an traditional hobby has been enthralling visitors to the August-long Summer Bytes Festival at TNMOC.

3D Printing going mainstream

Visitors to the August-long Summer Bytes Festival at TNMOC were fascinated by the 3D Printing events last week. TNMOC even received a 3D Printer for its collection.

Perseid by day

Astronomers and computing enthusiasts joined forces at The National Museum of Computing last weekend to see the stars, planets and the Perseid meteor shower in broad daylight.

LEGO model pays homage to Colossus

A LEGO model of Colossus has just gone on display at The National Museum of Computing and it's attracting a lot of attention.

Summer Bytes opens to the sound of computer music

The Summer Bytes Festival was opened by The Mayor of Milton Keynes to the sound of music being composed by visitors on a range of vintage and modern computers.

Summer Bytes Festival

Fun, games and extraordinary computing applications for all the family Wednesdays to Sundays, 24 July to 1 September

Clocking in the digital age

The first working parts of the EDSAC reconstruction are demonstrated at a celebration of the centenary Sir Maurice Wilkes, father of British computing

New Software Gallery opens at TNMOC

A new Software Gallery, sponsored by, was opened yesterday at TNMOC by Sir Charles Dunstone.

From beeps and buzzes to the charts

A new temporary hands-on display about the history of computer music has been created at TNMOC to complement the Music By Programmers fundraising album.

Electronica - Music By Programmers

An album of authentic electronica created by software programmers is being released to raise funds to help start a programming club for young people at TNMOC.


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