Ramps / Wheelchair access

We are located in a one story building and have ramps throughout to any raised areas to enable everyone to access all our galleries and displays. We also have one wheelchair on site.


Seating is available throughout the museum for those who wish to stagger their visit around the various galleries and displays.

Toilets for disabled people

We have a unisex disabled toilet near our shop.

Baby changing facilities

Our unisex disabled toilet also has baby changing facilities.

Hearing-aid loops

Our shop has a fixed hearing-aid loop and there is a portable loop available for visitors who would like to use one on a guided tour. Please ask at reception.

Visual story

We've created a Visual story (pdf) of our museum designed to help people who might feel anxious visiting somewhere new for the first time (such as people with autism) so that they can have an idea of what to expect.

Sensory map

We also have a Sensory map (Jpeg) to help people with sensory sensitivities who may be affected by some of the noises and light in the museum, please ask for one at the reception. We offer family friendly Relaxed Opening sessions, please visit our Relaxed Openings page for further information.