The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC) is home to the world's largest collection of working historic computers.

Follow the development of computing; from the Turing-Welchman Bombe and Colossus of the 1940s through the large systems and mainframes of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, to the rise of personal computing and the rise of mobile computing and the internet. 

Recognised as one of England’s top 100 ‘irreplaceable places’, we welcome corporate and group visits, schools and individuals from all over the world.

The National Museum of Computing is open Tuesday to Sunday (and spring/summer bank holidays) from 10.30 – 17.00. Located on the Bletchley Park Estate, TNMOC operates independently of the Bletchley Park Trust and has a separate entrance located at the top of the Park, just beyond the main car parks.

Why not plan a visit to our world leading computing museum? We are open 6 days a week and offer individual, family and annual tickets and we are easy to reach by public transport or car.

Whether you are a business organisation or a private group of friends, we tailor your group visit to fit your requirements, including time, and you will benefit from the knowledge of one of our highly experienced, trained tour guides.