EDSAC in the news

ITV Grantchester - 28 January 2019

EDSAC element features in ITV's Grantchester mystery about an early computer lab.

Stargazing with EDSAC - 17 January 2017

Programming in the early days of the computer age in BBC News

EDSAC Veterans' memories - 7 September 2016

The Edshack Workshop - 7 December 2015

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  • Cambridge Network

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Cambridge TV visits Nigel Bennee - 6 December 2015

Video of an interview in an EDSAC's volunteer's workshop in Cambridge from the new Cambridge TV company.

EDSAC's Inner Workings - 20 July 2015

EDSAC The Inner Workings in iProgrammer

EDSAC home workshop in the home of the computer - 1 July 2015

EDSAC Report - 30 April 2015

Andrew Herbert gives an update and overview of the EDSAC Project in April 2015 on Niche Videos

Original EDSAC chassis turns up in USA - 4 February 2015

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